About Living Room Theory

Living Room Theory is:

Jeff Ernst - Drums
Kenny Sayne - Guitar
John Skinner - Bass

They are an instrumental group that is a mix of rock, funk, and fusion from Nashville, TN that started in 2012.

livingroomtheory at gmail dot com

Jeff Ernst:

For me, it all started with the Beatles!  Then came a countless number of bands that I loved.  Around the age of 13, I finally understood why my piano lessons from my early years as a boy, were paying off.  I heard music in a way that I had not heard before.  I soon realized that I had left hand, right hand and foot coordination that came natural to me, so I knew I wanted to play the drums.  I went to a friends house one day, he had a set of drums, so I started to play and everything made sense.  I have never taken drum lessons, it was all natural for me.
At the age of 19, I was in my first band, a garage band, we've all been there!!  Then around the age of 22, I bought my first set of "real" drums, Toma's!!  My inspiration at this time was John Bonham, drummer for Led Zeppelin.  I started putting ad's out in the Nashville Scene and things started rolling.  The first person I met from my ad's was a bass player, he told me he knew a guitarist named Kenny Sayne.  Kenny joined the band, along with a few others, and we called ourselves the "Spoonbenders".  We were a hard rock/funk band that lasted about 3 years.  My next band, somewhere around the mid to late 90's, was called "Static Trip"....again, we played hard rock.  We decided to depart and I decided to move on and form another band called "The Aneurhythms".  Our style of music was blues.  We played so many gigs in and around Nashville.  This band lasted until the early 2000's. After that, I joined a band just starting up called "Bug Rifle Club", it was a hard rock band, I just couldn't stay away from the hard rock bands!  LOL

In the mid 2000's, I decided to take a break.....things just weren't going in the direction I had hoped.  Then LIFE happened, marriages, kids, careers, divorces, so I just lost my way for awhile.  In 2011, I met this wonderful woman, Terry, and one day she told me to get off my ass and get back to doing what I love and that's playing drums and being with guys who loved to play as much as me!  With that being said, I reconnected with my first guitarist, Kenny Sayne from the band Spoonbenders.  I had not seen or spoken to him in years, so uncertain on what he would say, I just asked if he'd like to get back into this with me and his response was ABSOLUTELY!  I was stoked!  I met John Skinner, really by fluke, he was a friend/neighbor of my sister and would come to some of our family functions so we would talk about music and the bands we had been in through the years and he told me he played bass...I though, bingo!!  So I told him I was getting back into music and hopefully a band and asked if he would be interested in joining..he said YES before I had even gotten the question out of my mouth. LOL

So, for about 5 years now it's just been the three of us until John introduced us to Gary, a keyboard player, who adds a different element to our music.  We are starting to mix so stay tuned, we're just getting started.

BTW, everything we do is played, recorded, mixed, and tweaked in my living room, henceforth our band is called THE LIVING ROOM THEORY!

Kenny Sayne:

Coming soon!

John Skinner:

I grew up in Charleston, WV and got my first bass when I was 13 (a Memphis bass), to form the band Striker (https://myspace.com/therealstriker) with some friends. I moved to LA with Striker at 19 to “make it big” in the metal scene of the early 90’s. After giving it a go for 2 years in LA, and playing some famous places (The Whiskey, The Roxy, Gazzarri’s, The Troubador etc), I left LA for school. I earned an Associate’s Degree in Recording Engineering from Full Sail in Orlando, FL. While in Orlando I played bass in the band Crawdad (https://myspace.com/crawdadmusic/videos). Leaving Orlando started my 15 year hiatus from playing bass (and any music). I worked for Clair Bros sound company in Manheim, PA for season, then moved to Nashville, TN. I toured as a guitar tech with BONEPONY for several years. BONEBONY toured with Steve Perry, Bob Seager, and opened up once for Chuck Berry where I got to help him tune his guitar! Then I got a job working at Sound Emporium Studios as a Recording Engineer in 1996. While at Sound Emporium, I worked on several albums, one of them being Gillian Welch's "Hell Among The Yearlings". Since 1999 I've worked in Information Technology and I'm now a Network Engineer. In 2010 I met Jeff Ernst, and formed Living Room Theory with Jeff, and Kenny Sayne in 2012.